Improve Your Mental Health By Being True to Yourself on Social Media

We like to show the best versions of ourselves on social media. For example, we post photos of our exotic trips, edited selfies, and mouth-watering meals. However, a new study suggests we might be doing social media wrong. 

Social Media Study

CNN reports that the new study appeared Tuesday in Nature Communications. According to the research, posting your real self on social media could boost your mental health.

The team found that being authentic on Facebook improved persons’ mental health. Moreover, being true on Facebook helped improve the subjects’ mood.

How the Social Media Study Went

The researchers looked at the data of 10,560 Facebook users. These users had finished a life satisfaction assessment from 2007 to 2012. 

Next, the researchers tried to match the users’ self-rating with their Facebook likes and posts. This way, the team learned how they presented themselves on social media.  

Study Results

The study found that people who were authentic on Facebook were also satisfied with life. People with different personality types also had the same results.

Based on the study, you could improve your well-being by being true to yourself on social media. Changing social media habits is also easier to do than changing lifestyles or jobs.

Phillip Malone

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