How to earn money reading books

Are you a book lover?

Can’t go a day without reading?

You may have not heard of this easy side job that only requires you to read books out loud.

Yes! It’s that easy.

It might sound too good to be true, but this is a fun way to earn extra cash with a hobby or start a part-time career. (if you love it that much)

Not everyone might be good for this role, as it requires an excellent sounding voice in order to be successful.

You may be reading short stories, poems, children’s stories, or audiobooks to a wide audience. This gives you the opportunity to build your skills and earn some money at the same time.

And it’s not only Audible that provides these types of jobs. There are several companies that people can work for doing voice-overs.

Are you ready to know more?

Find out how to make money online by reading books for companies.

What you need to land a voice over job

A nice-sounding voice

This doesn’t mean you need to have the perfect voice. Most companies actually prefer unique voices based on the type of story being presented.

Acting skills

You may also need to have a background in acting in order to work as a voice-over artist. Audiobooks have various characters and you will need to adjust accordingly to make the story more intriguing.

Do different voices

Being able to do different voices is also a must. You may have to change accents and also repeat lines various times to nail the scene perfectly.

Companies that pay you to read


You’ll love this site because you can work as a freelance voiceover artist. 

They hail themselves as the world’s #1 audio service in the world and that’s saying a lot!

Once you access their website, you’ll see that there are more than 4,000 jobs available for any voice-over artist to work full-time if they wanted to.

This means you won’t need to stick to one project at a time. If you’re ready to start with this company, simply fill out your details, create a profile, and find the right freelance project for you.

Bunny Studio 

This is another great place to work as a freelancer reading books aloud. What’s great about this company is that you can set your own rates and read audio for apps, motion graphics, ads, and even audiobooks.

They have high-profile clients such as Disney, Airbnb, and Hot Jar.

They provide audio samples to potential clients, which means you have the chance to get featured!

Spoken Realms 

If you want to get paid for book narrations only, then Spoken Realms is the right place for you.

They produce a range of public domain and classic works on places likes Amazon and iTunes.

With a well-organized database of vetted narrators, clients can choose specialists based on their production needs.

It’s the perfect place for Indie Authors and Small Presses to find the talent they need.


Mandy, formerly Voices Pro, hails itself as one of the ‘largest platforms for voiceover professionals.

There are constant openings for freelancers who want to take on unique narration projects that fit their schedules.

Some jobs offer a flat fee, while others are based on the hours you work. There are even options for child voice actors for any mom who wants their budding actor to get a head start!

ACX Exchange

This is another great place to earn money by narrating audiobooks.

You can work whenever you want and choose from an almost unlimited listing of voiceover jobs.

To get started, you can sign up with ACX with an Amazon account and apply for freelance jobs that appeal to you.

You will get paid either through earning royalties or by choosing your own hourly rate.

Voice 123

Are you totally new to doing voiceovers?

If so, Voice123 could be the perfect fit.

The platform is totally free to join and you never have to pay a fee when you snag a gig.

They even offer training through their studio and voice and they have voiceover professionals that can help you meet and surpass your goals.


Are you a homeschooling mama who’s used to reading and teaching kids?

You have the perfect opportunity to read to children on Outschool.

Outschool offers teaching opportunities on various subjects and you can make reading fun for the kids on the platform.

If this sounds like a gig for you. Check them out.

Internet Jock

Another place to use your voice talent is with Internet Jock.

They allow you to work from anywhere, but keep in mind that they have a high turnaround time.

You’ll also need to be flexible and handle your bookings quickly.

Voice Jungle 

If you want to get started as a voice talent with little to no investment, then you may like Voice Jungle.

They require no listing fees to join, which is great for beginners.

You also never need to audition. All they require is that you have a home studio to make your recordings and provide at least a 24-hour turnaround when needed.

You can sign up with them by filling out a short form and uploading a demo of your work.

 Other ways to get paid reading books

There are plenty of other ways to get creative with your love for reading.

One such way is to work online as a book reviewer and earn cash. Here are a few places to get started.


This is actually an app that allows you to read books and summarize them for people. It can all be done on the app.

You don’t even have to write more than 300 words!

Kirkus Reviews 

 This is a popular online platform that hires book reviewers to write a 350-word review and get paid.

In most cases, you get to choose the genre you’d like to review and once it’s accepted, you’re compensated.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is an online magazine where you can read books online, review them and earn an income.

It’s one of the more popular places online for book reviewers and they are focused specifically on news and updates related to publishing.

Would you like to read and earn cash?

If you would like to make extra cash or start a small side hustle for money with your love for reading, why not sign up with a few of these places now?

Most of them allow you to work on a freelance basis, so they’re pretty flexible. Not only do you earn cash, but you’ll also gain experience and build your portfolio for future projects.

Let’s get reading!

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