How to be a Zen entrepreneur?

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Generally when talking about entrepreneurship or business, the technical, the processes, the how to do, the business plan or business model are immediately addressed, also the part of the motivation that without real preparation in the field of entrepreneurship is usually dangerous By offering a biased view of what it is to undertake, the motivator “you can do it all!” Without real training or advice in business it can lead you to make hasty decisions or unnecessary risks that often end with sleep prematurely. And when we immediately turn to that technical part, we forget the essential, the primordial, the balance of the entrepreneur himself.

The company is a reflection of who is in charge. A mind at peace will have a company at peace.

The entrepreneurship and business process requires balance while there are many interacting variables, each one as important as the others, and a bad decision can seriously affect the entire process, the name of our company, the target market, the location, the model. of business, the costs, the financing, the logo, the colors, the distribution and advertising channels, the legal, the accounting, the idea itself, and of course all this requires the entrepreneur’s emotional balance.

Entrepreneurship is a process; a combination of times, people, things and situations that we must experience.

For this reason, it is important to get close to all the intellectual and emotional tools that we can use to be able to face this great challenge that is to start a company. In this sense, this book brings us closer to the teachings that ZEN has to be in inner harmony, a necessary state for the proper development and functioning of an entrepreneur or businessman.

First, we must clarify that ZEN is not a religion, that although it is true that it has its roots in Hindu Buddhism, we must know that Buddha is not a God, but a human being who proposed a way to find enlightenment, which is not it is something other than the natural state of mind, a state of calm and full clarity.

It is also worth mentioning that this ancient knowledge and practice has survived and has spread throughout the world given its great effectiveness in developing resilient capacities in people who practice it, in addition to various benefits on health and daily performance.

Understand that to live better you have to be better.

The practice of ZEN increases creativity, concentration and leadership skills, improves memory and emotional intelligence, reduces negative stress, depression, work exhaustion, anxiety and blood pressure, also strengthens the immune system, can reduce physical pain, eliminate insomnia and reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress when you have gone through severe stages of life. However, ZEN is not magic, it is not a miracle product packaged for easy consumption and it is not a way to avoid problems, all of the above has been studied and proven in various scientific studies.

Practicing ZEN will not make you a monk or you will not have to shave your head, wear robes, put yourself in awkward positions or leave society to seclude yourself in a monastery in the mountains, ZEN is only a training that will help you in your busy business life .

In the end, the balance arrives without looking for it, sometimes with an aroma, seeing something, a word or a small writing and suddenly you realize that you are at peace, without anything disturbing you.

If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend the book ZEN Entrepreneur: A Guide to Surviving Business and Finding Balance in Life, which you can download here .

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