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Here Are Some Tips to Avoid Covid-19 During Fall And Winter

You can still celebrate Thanksgiving and other holidays despite COVID-19 if you follow these tips and behave responsibly.

The US might be entering the deadliest months of the pandemic yet. With the flu season coming along, COVID-19 could hit the US even harder. However, you could still welcome fall and winter safely. Stay healthy during the cold months by following these tips. 

Stick to a Group

As always, you should wear masks, wash your hands, and stay away from people. Never forget these things if you want to fight COVID-19. As CNN says, these three things are your “strongest weapons” against the virus.

Moreover, don’t let your guard down when you get together with people who don’t live with you. These people include your family and friends. According to CDC Director Robert Redfield, casual gatherings are driving the latest COVID-19 spikes.

So, if you want to visit family and friends this fall, pick out a few persons and stick with them. They will be your social distancing group for the rest of the season. 

Celebrate Safely

Avoid trick-or-treating or Halloween parties. Instead of risking yourself and your children, you can carve pumpkins with them at home. You can also do it with your neighbors and friends, but you’ll have to do social distancing. 

If you want more options, the CDC also recommends more safe activities for Halloween and Thanksgiving. For example, you can hold Thanksgiving dinner over Zoom.  

Sacrifices Will Pay Off

COVID-19 has already killed over 218,000 people in the US. So, in the short-term, you’ll have to make sacrifices to keep other people safe. Don’t risk the health and safety of other people by being careless and selfish. 

If not, you’ll just keep dealing with this pandemic for many Thanksgivings to come.

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