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Former CDC Director Warns of 20,000 Deaths by Month’s End

As the United States welcomes the fall season, experts warn that more people would die of COVID-19. One of them is Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the CDC. According to Dr. Frieden, the US can expect 20,000 more Americans to die by the end of the month. 

COVID-19 in the US

CNN reports that Dr. Frieden said that 20,000 more deaths before next month is “inevitable.” During CNN’s town hall on COVID-19, Dr. Frieden said he based his numbers on the current infection numbers. 

On Friday, the United States has recorded 57,420 new COVID-19 cases. This number represents the highest daily cases since August. Based on these numbers, Dr. Frieden urged the public to take COVID-19 seriously.

Data from Johns Hopkins University said that COVID-19 has already hit 7.7 million Americans. Meanwhile, 214,377 Americans have also died.

More COVID-19 Predictions

The model from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation predicts that around 40,000 more Americans would die of COVID-19 by February 2021. Moreover, the model says the daily death toll would peak at 2,300 in mid-January 2021. 

Recent COVID-19 Trends

COVID-19 cases keep rising in the US. In Florida, health officials reported 5,570 new cases on Sunday. On the same day, 178 Floridians also died. According to the data, 15,364 people in Florida have died of COVID-19.

The state of Montana has also reached 5,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Moreover, the state only took 11 days before posting another 5,000 cases.

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