Flu Vaccine Also Helps Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes

With scientists still testing possible COVID-19 vaccines, you’d be pleased to know that the flu vaccine can also keep your heart safe. A new study reported Monday that the flu vaccine lowers your chances of suffering heart attacks or strokes. However, the study also noted that adults at high risk of flu complications likely don’t get the vaccine.

How Can the Flu Vaccine Protect Me from Heart Attacks or Strokes?

CNN reports that adults over 50 enjoyed a 28% lower risk of getting a heart attack a year after getting the flu vaccine. Likewise, they also got a 47% lower risk of suffering a stroke. They were also 85% less likely to suffer cardiac arrest. In all, these adults over 50 who got the shots were 73% less likely to die. The study had examined people in hospitals who had a high risk of getting the flu. These patients included HIV/AIDS patients, people in nursing homes, and the obese.

How Many of These High-Risk People Got the Flu Shot?

However, the researchers found that out of over 7 million high-risk patients, only 168,325 received the flu vaccine. The 2014 National Inpatient Sample showed this data. It is also the largest database of hospitals in the US.

Only 1.8% of adults over 50 got the flu vaccine while in the hospital, while 15% of the general public got the shots. 

Why Else Should We Get the Flu Vaccine?

Aside from heart attacks and strokes, this shot can even help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. Another research showed this finding Monday. Apart from sufficient sleep, proper diet, and healthy exercise, this can also lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s. 

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