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Florida, Texas, And California Now Have More Covid-19 Cases Than Any Other Country on Earth

The United States continues to be the global hotspot for COVID-19. With over 3 million cases, it doesn’t look like it will slow down. The numbers are still rising. As of Tuesday, the United States now has more coronavirus cases than any other country. Three states alone outnumber the rest of the world. Florida, Texas, and California hold more than one-fifth of the world’s total COVID-19 cases.

Florida, Texas, and California’s Record-breaking COVID Numbers

MSNBC reported this news. In its report, it said that “almost 1 in 5 new cases” of COVID globally occurred in just three states. Florida, Texas, and California reported a total of 27,574 cases Monday. Of the 61,571 new cases in the US, “more than a third” of it came from the three states.

The number of deaths in Texas shot up by 99%. This rise covers just over two weeks. Over the same period, Florida’s death numbers rose by 84%. While in California, it soared by 27%.

Monday’s totals for Florida showed 9,194 new cases, with 133 deaths. In Texas, numbers showed 7,489 cases, with 59 deaths. New tallies in California reached 5,063 infections, with 40 deaths.

California’s Los Angeles County also set a single-day record for new cases. Officials have recorded 4,244 cases, while 73 people have died. MSNBC also reports that Arizona logged 4,273 new infections, with 73 deaths.

NBC’s figures show that the United States now has 3,407,556 COVID-19 cases. The virus has also killed 136,832 people.

Mandatory Safety Measures in Florida, Texas, and California

Lawmakers have criticized state and federal governments for acting too slowly. According to Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, they were too “slow to test people,” and too “slow to treat people.” They were also too “slow to trace the infection.” Rep. Castro represents Texas, and his district includes San Antonio. To MSNBC’s Garette Haake, he added that the government did not want to end up on the news every day, “the way New York did.”

This month, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas finally ordered the public to wear masks. Abbott, a Republican, had waited for months before issuing the order. He had entrusted action against the virus to local authorities. With the steady rise of cases in Texas, Abbott finally shut down bars. He also paused the reopening of businesses.

Responses from Donald Trump and Other Officials

President Donald Trump has also started wearing a mask in public. He has said earlier that the coronavirus would “just disappear.” Likewise, the president was hopeful that scientists would produce a vaccine “very soon.”

Dr. Brett Giroir has also said that the US is “turning the corner” on COVID-19. Dr. Giroir is the assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. According to him, the US is “in a much different place now.” His insistence comes after the fact that three US states have more infections than any other country.

If the United States wants to stop COVID-19, it will have to ramp up its safety measures. The country might be running out of time.

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