First impression – the exterior design of the house

For the exterior design, as well as the interior, of the house, it is good to rely on already established styles such as Mediterranean, modern, contemporary or classic. If we want our home to really stand out, then we can bet on the eclectic style, which supports many variations.

The exterior design in Mediterranean style is distinguished primarily by the warm colors used, which lead us to a place for relaxation and rest. Here we will find houses painted in light colors, especially yellow, which have the frames of the windows painted with an intense color, such as red or blue. For a more authentic air, it is good to take care of the spaces related to the house. The green spaces should be full of colorful flowers, and the alley made of river stones or slag.

For a modern exterior, we will bet on more neutral colors, which reflect the need for simplicity, but also a tendency towards intimacy. This style relies on space, but also on a certain rigidity and coldness. For the exterior of the house, the most commonly used colors will be white and black, but we can also find yellow, orange or cream, all in shades as light as possible and close to white. As for the green spaces, they will be framed in rigid geometric shapes, which will give the impression of order and efficiency.

The contemporary style approaches the modern one by the fact that it also relies on the idea of ​​space, openness, but also simplicity. This time, however, the stake is given by the utility and functionality of the space inside and outside the home. The predominant colors will be orange, yellow and olive in strong shades, and the predominant materials will be metal, stone and glass.

For those who want a home that reflects balance, elegance and refinement, the classic style is the most suitable. It usually borrows elements from the Baroque or Victorian style, which can give our house an English or French air, depending on our choice.

The eclectic style is probably the most difficult to obtain, proposing a combination of the constituent elements of the other established styles. We can realize that not every combination will be successful, which is why, to approach this style, it is good to turn to design specialists.

Regardless of the style we choose, it is good to consider, first of all, what would represent us best, but also what will create the greatest pleasure for us. Of course, the total fund we have for such investments will also play an important role. Regardless of the choice made, for the best results it is good to rely on the guidance of specialists such as

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