FDA Revokes The Use of Antimalarial Drugs That Was Urged by President Trump

The Food and Drug Administration declares to stop using Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine.

These are the medications that Trump frequently promotes for coronavirus therapy. However, many people criticize this decision. Some people even say that it shows how the government put politics ahead of science.

Public suspicion support by FDA statement. On Monday, FDA stated that the medicines were not effective in fighting coronavirus disease. This is due to the many side effects caused by the drugs. People who consume medicines are prone to safety risk such as heart problems.

Denise Hinton as the agency’s chief scientist highlights this issue in his letter to Gary Disbrow. Gary is the one who asks FDA to cancel the use of the medication. He is the acting director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

FDA No Longer Support The Use of Antimalarial Drugs for

Antimalarial drugs found to be beneficial for COVID-19 patients. However, FDA receives critics for the decision at a later time.

Former FDA officials also accuse the agency fail to deal with political pressure coming from the White house. One of the main reasons for the critics is the lack of evidence regarding the beneficial impact of the drug on patients.

The food and drug administration permits medications use at the end of March. Many people find it curious because only small research proved that the medication could be beneficial for the patients. Many people are in doubt regarding emergency acceptance.

This issue is concerning because it’s not only a matter of emergency approval. This can lead to public beginning to lose trust over the authority.

Peter Lurie who once associates commission at FDA said that the incident can cause a bigger problem. He said this pandemic needs careful attention to science.

The number of COVID-19 cases keeps increasing and experts express concern about the upcoming second wave. Lurie also said that we are currently more tied to political interest than public welfare.

Trump previously called hydroxychloroquine a game-changer and encourage people to use it as a medical treatment for COVID-19 patients. It was only after FDA issued warning about the use of the drug he lowers his enthusiasm. This caused the public began to avoid the use of Hydroxychloroquine drug.

FDA deputy commissioner Anand Shah said that he wants the public to understand that their actions are guided by science. That is the reason why FDA made a statement about the drug ineffectiveness.

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