FDA Recalls Metformin for Possible Cancer-Causing Compound

The FDA has recalled the diabetes medication metformin for possible contamination with a cancer-causing compound, nitrosamine.

If you’re taking metformin for diabetes, you might want to read more. The company behind the drug has recalled the medication. In the reports, the recalled lots might contain a compound that causes cancer.  

Metformin Recall

CNN reports that the FDA ordered the recall. Last Monday, Nostrum Laboratories, Inc., complied with the order. The company recalled its metformin HCl extended release tablets, USP 750 mg. The recalled tablets showed high levels of nitrosamine or NDMA. 

Cancer Compounds

The US Environmental Protection Agency considers NDMA as a possible cause of cancer. As a chemical compound, it is organic. Moreover, companies use it to make rocket fuel. Drug companies also produce NDMA as a byproduct of their medicines. You can even find NDMA in water and food. This food includes meat, dairy, and vegetables. Also, you can even find NDMA in antacids and blood pressure drugs.

The compound is safe if it lies below acceptable limits. 

More Drug Recalls

Earlier, the FDA had ordered the recall of metformin because of cancer-causing compounds. The latest recall adds to the series. Nostrum said it hadn’t gotten any reports of any terrible effect from the recall. 

The recall covers the drugs in HDPE bottles of 100 tablets, NDC 29033-056-01. This number covers metformin HCl extended release tablets, USP 750 mg. Moreover, the recalled drugs have lot numbers MET200101 and MET200301, and they expire on 05/2022. The tablet is off-white and oblong, with “NM7” debossed on it.

Around 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, which equals over 34 million people. Moreover, 90 to 95% of diabetic Americans have the type 2 version.

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