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Facebook today gave more details about the metaverse, the virtual environment where people can be present in digital spaces, which will be the basis for the creation of a new economic ecosystem of digital goods, and which will be developed under the new identity company brand: Meta .

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Have you ever imagined sharing a close moment with a friend, relative or acquaintance who is on the other side of the world? This promising and amazing project called Metaverso wants you to experience incredible experiences through the use of immersive technology.

Within the conference “Facebook Connect”, totally visual and interacting with several experts in the field, Mark Zuckerberg explained in detail what his plan is like so that users can access this dynamic tool in the future, in order to improve the experiences that currently cannot be carried out.

What will the Metaverse be like?

According to what Mark Zuckerberg described, the Metaverse is the future of the internet that can develop between five and ten years, an experience in which we can express ourselves in an open and interactive way, with the virtues of contacting people more closely where they can “feel that they are present and share their personal space”.

Imagine being at a concert or virtually shopping with your friend who lives in Japan.

“Feeling that we are present, with other people. We want to see the ways that people communicate. Either with a wink, gestures, facial expressions, body language, among others. We will not need to send messages. It will be very different from just looking at the screens, “he said.

He even said that it is possible to feel emotions such as fear and risk, since the objects of the Metaverse will be very close and you can react to these stimuli.

Some of the products they showed were the following:

  • Horizon Home: a site where you can create your own ecosystem and environment according to your tastes, interests and preferences, as well as share them with close people, where you can float or find yourself inside a virtual paradise while you carry out your day-to-day activities.
  • Horizon Workrooms: A place to work in real time together with your coworkers, where you can have meetings, team projects and planning. Discuss the initiatives you have.
  • Horizon Worlds: Move to places you want to know, countries or even the universe, generate different spaces in a place where we want to interact.

I think this can be very positive for our society. Jobs can be offered for people anywhere in the world. Without traveling. This can be good for the environment. Working on the Metaverse is going to feel like a new dynamic. teleport anywhere.

  • Calling in VR: You can send messages, make calls and video calls with your acquaintances.
  • Spark AR: An instrument that will allow you to create effects and filters with augmented reality for Reels.
  • Supernatural and Fit XR: For fitness lovers where they can develop all kinds of sports, even the most extreme, as well as share your experience with friends or in a challenge against imaginary creatures.
  • Active Pack: Exercising involves a kit of grips so that the touch controls do not escape you, for example, when you box.

You will be able to design your avatar, which looks like science fiction, which will have your personal characteristics, so in the area of video games it promises different and fun experiences, where you can interact and move freely around the set in the game.

Creators and developers, the keys to make this possible

Mark Zuckerberg said that his plan is to have as many people prepared in this matter as possible to collaborate as creators and developers who contribute all the ideas and creativity possible for the construction of scenarios and ecosystems. At this point, tools such as virtual reality glasses more comfortable than those currently known will be used, as well as all the technology of the highest level. With these new devices, you will not only “type” your ideas, but by simply thinking about them, you will be able to transmit them. The smart glasses that the company has are: Oculus Quest 2 and Ray-Ban.

On the other hand, he recalled that developers must build responsibly, with parental controls and privacy protection.

Security and privacy

Security and privacy will be developed from the beginning of the project and as it progresses in order to respect human rights and considering the mistakes previously made, where the regulations were not attached to the project.

The CEO of Facebook highlighted in the event broadcast the existence of privacy and security controls that will be necessary, for example, to be able to block users who do not appear in their Metaverse space. He recalled the idea of working with people from human rights organizations from the beginning.

How much will be invested?

The first investment that will be made will be 150 million dollars, this for the training of the next generation of developers who design worlds where they can make trips to meet creatures or species to human operations. But for this initiative to be sustainable, these worlds of the Metaverse must be monetized.

He recalled that currently there is a lack of options and high rates and that this project seeks to lower costs as much as possible.

The already known Facebook products: Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will continue to be called the same.

Image: via Alto Nivel.

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