Different Options Of Balcony Waterproofing Products And Methods

The idea of waterproofing comes only when the worst happens. Most of the homeowners decide to go for waterproofing when the damage takes place. The balcony is the part of your house wherein waterproofing is highly crucial.

Balconies that are unprotected have an impact on the integrity of the house. Water damage in the balcony can lead to the growth of mold, which can be very hazardous to the people living in the house. Mold growth can be prevented through waterproofing. Waterproofing can also help in protecting the balcony from harsh weather conditions. Some of the other benefits of balcony waterproofing are protected from UV rays, enhances durability, increases the value of the house, less amount of repairs, etc.

Are you planning to get your balcony waterproofed? If yes, you need to be aware of various options for balcony waterproofing products and methods. Knowing about these products can help you to make the right decision.

Balcony waterproofing

Some of the options for balcony waterproofing products and methods are as follows:

Cement-based waterproofing products

These are the products that were used traditionally for waterproofing. It is mainly a semi-flexible kind of waterproofing. You can easily find such products in the market. Using these products for waterproofing is also very easy, as mixing and applying these products is very simple. Apart from balconies, these products are suitable for toilets and bathrooms. The only drawback of these products is that at times this kind of waterproofing does not show good results in sunlight and harsh weather conditions exposed areas.

Liquid waterproofing products

One of the options of balcony waterproofing products is liquid waterproofing. These products help in waterproofing the balcony roof. Waterproofing through these products is performed by the application of a special liquid coat to the roof. Once applied, the coating forms a rubber-like shield that can regain the original shape. You will be glad to know that it is one of the reasonable options available. The best thing about these products is that irrespective of the kind of roofing you have, such waterproofing proves to be effective. Also, waterproofing done with these products has shown long-lasting results.

Bituminous coating waterproofing products

Bituminous coating is referred to as asphalt coating. It is produced from bitumen based material. It is not suitable for the areas highly exposed to sunlight. Due to sunlight, this coating becomes brittle. In case you use such coating for waterproofing your balcony, make sure the coating is treated with a flexible material like polyurethane. Once treated brittleness can be avoided. It is an outstanding waterproofing product available these days, and so if your balcony is not much exposure through sunlight, you can consider these balcony waterproofing products.

Polyurethane waterproofing products

Polyurethane is produced from the two elements that are Polyol which acts as the base and isocyanide which acts as the reactor element. When these two elements come together it develops liquid coating used for waterproofing. These products are easy to use, and so they are an outstanding choice these days. The application of this waterproofing does not require special training or skills. Most of the construction projects make use of this kind of waterproofing.

These are some of the balcony waterproofing products available these days. However, when selecting balcony waterproofing products make sure that you don’t run behind cheap products to save a few bucks. Ensure to buy quality products only because the life and durability of your balcony will depend on these products. Cheap products won’t be able to withstand harsh weather and rainfall and after a few years you will again be doing the same repair work.

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