Design for Tiffany’s Flagship Store Modernizes Upper Floors

Tiffany & Co. showcased the updated design of its Fifth Ave. Flagship store.

Luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. has unveiled on Monday the new exterior rendering of their flagship store at Fifth Avenue, which is undergoing a revamp. The upper portion of the 10-floor building will be surrounded by glass, making a huge update since the space was constructed in 1980.

Updated Upper Floors

The upper floors, from level 8 all the way to level 9, will be transformed from being the office space it used to be into a new events area. Per the company’s press release through Business Wire, it was said that the “undulating glass” complemented the “classic limestone facade below.” The eighth floor will also sport a terrace

“The contemporary structure above this historic building echoes the height and grandeur of the flagship’s timeless main floor,” the press release reads.

According to the company’s chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff: “Tiffany’s newly transformed flagship will reflect the future of our brand, while honoring our 183-year legacy.”

‘Bold and Innovative’

The construction for the overhaul began last year’s spring. Its expected completion will be in spring of 2022. The jewelry retailer partnered with architectural company Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in New York.

Per the release, it was mentioned that the aim for the redesign was to form vertical continuity. This means making the redesigned upper portion be in sync with the already existing structure. However, they also wanted the revamped upper floors to be a “bold and innovative addition.”

A statement from OMA Partner Shohei Shigematsu revealed that the redesign was inspired by the ascension of the company’s brand. “The new addition is informed by programmatic needs of the evolving brand—a gathering place that acts as a contemporary counterpart to the iconic ground level-space and its activities.”

Brand Inspiration

It is also further mentioned that the transformed space will amaze their customers, once opened in 2022. The “grandeur and essence” of their modern glass-walled space is said to encourage shoppers to visit the whole of the building.

Shohei also noted: “The floating volume over a terrace provides a clear visual cue to a vertical journey of diverse experiences throughout the building.”

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