Founder & CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty

David Seruya

After having grown up in a warm and supportive family, David Seruya worked hard to cultivate the skills required to become a successful entrepreneur and business leader. When asked about what inspires him to keep moving forward, he states that he wants to always be able to support his wife and children and be a little more like his idol, his father Ronnie.

When he was a young adult, David Seruya decided to start his own company with a friend from college and ended up suffering through bitter failure as a result of his own inexperience. However, rather than being cawed by his mistake, David Seruya unhesitatingly continued to move forward instead, bravely choosing to take his failures as lessons learned.

Now, he’s put all of his previous knowledge and experience into his newest company, ServicePlus Home Warranty, which he founded in 2016. 

ServicePlus has been steadily growing since its founding with David Seruya as its leader. It promises all of its customers the best possible experience and strives towards providing excellent protection at all times. In this way, the company echoes its leader when it comes to chasing growth and furthering development with no holds barred.

David Seruya

David Seruya

Founder and CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty

David Seruya's Favourite Quote

“You’ll only regret what you don’t do.” Brad Lea.​

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