Cracker Barrel to Offer Beer and Wine in Select Stores

American company Cracker Barrel updates its menus across nearly a hundred chains by adding alcoholic drinks. Actually, it marks the first time for the company since its establishment several decades ago.

Alcoholic Beverage in Menus

The Southern country-themed chain of restaurants introduces beer, wine, and mimosas to its menus in over 100 locations. However, Cracker Barrel intends to roll out the new additions to about 600 more stores by this year, with most of its stores in the United States. Moreover, people can also take out mimosa kits in several locations, for either the classic orange or strawberry flavors.

Previously, the chain’s menus distanced from offering alcoholic beverages. 

Business Insider quoted the company’s chief executive Sandra Cochran talking to investors. She said: “In addition to the financial benefits, we believe these offerings support the guest experience by providing additional variety.”

Testing the Updated Menu

According to CNN Business, Cracker Barrel has already tested the idea even before the health crisis. Consequently, the customers approved of the decision, which pushed the company to expand to more locations.

Cochran revealed that among the test stores include Cracker Barrel restaurants in Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Cracker Barrel trialed several varieties of beer and wine, a spokesperson told CNN. The customers loved the idea, in turn.

Cochran also said: “We have not yet really started to promote it.”

However, the CEO noted that positive feedback from customers encouraged her. She also added that the mimosas earned popularity among “breakfast and lunch diners.”

“Especially in Florida, where we’ve had it the longest,” Cochran further said.

For Those Who Want Wine with Their Meals

Per the company spokesperson, “Our guests have told us that offering beer and wine would reduce the veto vote.”

Basically, the company spokesperson explained that usually, though customers would want to eat at Cracker Barrel, they go elsewhere when they want a beer or wine with their meal. “Especially during weekend dinner,” the spokesperson told CNN Business.

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