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Covid-19 Symptoms Could Last for Months After Infection

Seven months have passed since COVID-19 hit the US, and doctors still have a lot to learn about the virus. After recent studies, health experts have found that COVID-19 symptoms can last longer than expected. 

COVID-19 Symptoms

Earlier, the CDC had told sick Americans that they could go back to school or work after ten days since feeling COVID-19 symptoms. However, new research shows that COVID-19 could last longer than that.  

How Long Do COVID-19 Symptoms Last?

According to research, patients might need to wait for a month to know if the virus is gone. Moreover, “about one in five” negative tests are false. False negatives mean people may still spread the virus around without knowing it.

Once patients do get cleared of the virus, they still report feeling symptoms, such as aches, loss of smell, brain fog, and mood swings. They also report feeling these symptoms for months after testing negative.

Dr. William Li told CNN earlier this week that perhaps COVID-19’s long-term damage comes from vascular damage. The virus could damage the blood vessels across the entire body. Dr. Li also said that no one knows if the “long-haul” patients could even go back to their former lives. 

Data from Johns Hopkins University show that COVID-19 has killed 184,689 people in the US.

Fighting Back Against COVID-19

Experts have said that lack of testing has kept the US from controlling the pandemic. This month, the US government will send out $5 rapid tests to several states. Admiral Brett Giroir has also said that the government will give out 48 million tests. Adm. Giroir heads the COVID-19 testing efforts in the US. 

The US has already topped 6 million cases. 

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