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Covid-19 Could Also Give You Neuro Issues

COVID-19 doesn’t just hit your lungs, but your entire body. A new study suggests that most people in the hospital with COVID-19 also suffer neurological symptoms. 

COVID-19 Symptoms

According to the study, over four-fifths of the COVID-19 patients in the hospital have suffered neurological problems. CNN reports that the study looked at the medical records of 509 COVID-19 patients. These records covered the period between March and April.  

Study Results

After the study, the experts found that 82% of the patients suffered symptoms while sick with COVID-19. The study found that the patients went through the following: 

  •     Muscle pain
  •     Headaches
  •     Encephalopathy
  •     Dizziness
  •     Impaired sense of taste
  •     Loss of smell

The study also found that patients with these symptoms stayed in the hospital longer. Moreover, patients with these symptoms were younger.  

More COVID-19 Symptoms

The study seems to support earlier reports. In April, a report said that over a third of 214 COVID-19 patients felt similar symptoms, from loss of smell to stroke. Other similar symptoms also include delirium and nerve damage.

A July study from the University College London said that 10 out of 43 COVID-19 patients experienced delirium. Another 12 patients had brain inflammation. Meanwhile, 16 patients had strokes and nerve damage.

Another study in the Lancet said that 60 patients out of 153 suffered psychosis, depression, or strokes.

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