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Covid-19 Cases in US Children Rise by 21% Since Early August

The United States continues to struggle with reopening schools during COVID-19. New data reveals that COVID-19 has infected over 70,000 children in the US since early August. This data shows a 21% increase in COVID-19 cases among US children between August 6 to 20.  

COVID-19 Cases in US Children

Shared by CNN, the data came from a joint report of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association. The report also said that COVID-19 has infected over 440,000 children since the pandemic reached the US. However, the report also noted that children are unlikely to suffer severe illness.

Are Children Safe from COVID-19?

Despite this note, though, the CDC said that parents are sending more children to the hospital for COVID-19. About one in three of these children go to intensive care. These rates are similar to adults. In the US, children make up 22% of the entire country’s population, and they also comprise 7% of the overall case numbers. Child infections have risen between March and July. 

Should US Schools Reopen?

Seeing infection rates among children, schools in the US had to rethink their approach. Numerous students have caught COVID-19 in their schools as they resumed classes. Also, officials have yet to decide on a proper strategy. Some want to cancel classes altogether, while others proposed trying to return to normal. Some teachers have also chosen to resign instead of risking getting sick at school.

Hundreds of students and staff in several Georgia schools had to quarantine after COVID-19 cases surged in many districts. Meanwhile, some parties have asked the court to decide whether to let students attend physical classes.

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