Converse Puts Up Eco-Friendly Murals in Warsaw and Bangkok

Popular shoemaker Converse is making an environmental-friendly initiative by teaming up with artists from all over the world. The company’s efforts involve putting up murals in different cities. Furthermore, they will do it with artworks created using special paint that “helps clean the air.”

The eco-friendly murals are actually part of a project called “Converse City Forests.” Basically, the shoe company intends to make more of these murals in different cities across the world.

Two of their murals are already up, one in Bangkok, Thailand, and another in Warsaw, Poland.

Special Air Filter Paint

On the company website, Converse explained the technology behind the paint. The mural uses photocatalytic paint, which utilizes “light energy to break down noxious air pollutants.” The paint will then convert the air pollutants into harmless substances.

“Any surface coated with this paint becomes an active air-purifying surface that helps protect people from harmful gases,” the company wrote.

Further on their website, Converse said the “cleaning power of our murals around the globe” is equivalent to 930 trees and counting.

The Eco-Friendly Artworks

In Bangkok, the mural was made through the collaboration of artists TRK (Teerayut Puechpen) and Sorravis Prakong. The artwork features holding hands at the center, which for TRK, symbolizes for Unity that he wants to communicate with the Thai people.

Per Converse, the equivalent of the murals TRK and Prakong put up is the air-cleaning capacity of 150 trees.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, Dawid Ryski teamed up with Maciek Polak to create a mural that shows smiling flowers with different buildings in the backdrop. Actually, the artwork is located near a metro station.

Similarly, Ryski said regarding the project: “In my dream future city, billboards would disappear and everybody here would switch from cars to bicycles.”

The Warsaw mural is then equivalent to the air cleaning capacity of 780 trees, according to Converse.

More Cities to Come

Soon, more cities are going to be included in Converse’s environment-friendly initiatives. Murals with the air-purifying paint will also come to the following locations:

  • Sydney
  • Jakarta
  • Manila
  • São Paulo
  • Belgrade
  • Lima
  • Santiago
  • Johannesburg
  • Melbourne
  • Bogota
  • Panama City

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