CEO gets caught on a videotape confronting a neighbor

The Bay Area-based makeup CEO is the newest administrative to confront public retaliation after a video of hers went viral. In the video, she was berating her neighbor.

Last Sunday, The Chief Executive Officer of a makeup trademark, Lisa Alexander asked pardon after a video in which she berated her neighbor after she assumed that the man was trespassing.

Lisa and her husband were seen threatening neighbor named James Juanillo that they would call Police just because he wrote the message Black Lives Matter in the front of his house with a chalk

Lisa apologized by saying that she was out of words to express how sorry she was for disrespecting her neighbor when she asked him about what the man was doing in the front of his home.

She added that she should have not done this by minding her business.

The video went viral as is was retweeted more than 200,000 times, Lisa and her husband asked Juanillo whether he lives in that home before declaring that they are aware he does not live there and he is defying the rule.

Later, James did not answer them but he invited the couple to call the police. Then, the couple walks away and alexander responds that she will make a call.

He also said that Alexander “lied and said she was aware that I do not live at my own house as she knows the man who lives at that place.” The video stops at the end and does not show what happened next.

Juanillo says that after some time, the police officer appeared and went back after he recognized Juanillo because he lived there for a long time.

The man says that he believes that the lady and her husband summoned him of vandalizing private property as they did not think that he lived in the elite society.

The backlash inclined assertions of racism and it led to a make-up product distributor cut off with Alexander, is the CEO of the LaFace Skincare line.

Birchbox, a beauty distributor based on subscription said on social media that they had cut ties with her company because of her racist actions.

They removed her company’s products from their website and said that they would not work with the company later on.

Her actions also put an impact on another cosmetics brand as its co-owners faced harassment.

Their co-owners said that they had a business in LA and didn’t even know Lisa. So, people apologized.


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