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CDC Study Says Adults More Likely to Catch Covid-19 From Restaurants

Countries have shut down restaurants because of COVID-19. While inconvenient, they did close for a reason. A new CDC study shows that adult infections in the US likely happened after dining out at a restaurant.  

The New CDC Study

CNN reported on the new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CNN report, the CDC looked at data from 314 adults tested for COVID-19 in July. Out of the 314 subjects, 154 of them tested positive, while the remaining 160 tested negative. The residents got tested at 11 healthcare facilities across ten states, including California and Washington.

Results of the New CDC Study

According to the study, adults with COVID-19 were more likely to say they went to restaurants before feeling sick.

The CDC also found that 42% of the adults with COVID-19 came into close contact with another infected person. Only 14% of the healthy adults reported contact. Around 51% of those close contacts were family members.

Moreover, around 74% of the adults who tested negative said they always wore face coverings in public. 

What Does the New CDC Study Mean?

The CDC researchers linked the cases from restaurants to poor air circulation. Poor ventilation might allow the virus to spread, even if you avoid people and wear masks indoors.

Also, since you don’t wear masks while eating and drinking, you’re more likely to get the virus in restaurants. Other public activities, such as working out, do not pose the same risks.

The CDC has issued guidelines for restaurants and bars that rank them according to risk. 

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