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CDC Says Don’t Go Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Better think twice about going trick-or-treating this Halloween. In its new holiday guidelines, the CDC has warned people not to go out for the holidays. Staying inside during Halloween would protect people from catching COVID-19. 

Why Shouldn’t I Go Out on Halloween?

According to the CDC rules, you shouldn’t go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. You also shouldn’t go to costume parties on Halloween. Going to these events would increase your risk of getting COVID-19.

Instead, you can try low-risk activities to celebrate the holiday.

What Are These Low-Risk Halloween Activities?

The CDC says that you can decorate pumpkins or your home with Halloween ornaments. Invite your family to a scavenger hunt in your yard or host virtual costume contests with your friends. If you run out of ideas, just sit in at home for a family movie night.

For your kids, you could try a scavenger hunt. Make a list of Halloween-themed items to look for while they admire the decorations around the neighborhood. Of course, they should admire these decorations from a distance. 

What Are High-Risk Activities?

According to the CDC, door-to-door trick-or-treating and going to large parties are high-risk activities. Visiting indoor haunted houses or going on rides with strangers are also dangerous. The agency wants you to avoid these activities. 

The CDC also suggests that you schedule Halloween trips around the number of COVID-19 cases in your chosen destination.

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