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CDC Revokes Changes to Covid-19 Guidelines

The CDC has updated its COVID-19 guidelines again. In the update, the CDC revoked changes made on its website last August 24. The CDC used to say that asymptomatic people who had contact with COVID-19 cases don’t need to get tested. Moreover, the CDC also added that people only have to wait for 15 minutes to check for symptoms. 

New CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

CNN now reports that the CDC changed its COVID-19 guidelines. The new rules say that people who came in contact with a COVID-19 patient should get tested right away. Even if you don’t show symptoms, you should get tested. People who don’t show COVID-19 symptoms can still spread the virus.

Get tested even if you just came within six feet of an infected patient, for at least 15 minutes.  

Doctors’ Response

Health experts have slammed the CDC for saying that people don’t need to get tested if they don’t have symptoms. CNN reports that the changes should have gone through vetting. For this process, scientists would have to check the rules for several days before approval.

After the CDC revoked their changes, health experts praised the agency. They said that the CDC should always follow the science. Moreover, they urge the government to follow expert medical guidance from doctors.  

When Should I Get Tested?

Get tested even if you just came within six feet of an infected patient, for at least 15 minutes. If your location has a high number of cases, you should get tested. People with COVID-19 may not show symptoms and can spread the virus without knowing. With testing, you could breathe easier. 

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