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CDC Allows People in Quarantine to Vote in Person

If you just recovered from COVID-19, or if you’re in quarantine, you can still vote in person as long as you follow safety protocols, the CDC says.

How should the US hold the 2020 elections under the pandemic? Now we know. If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, the CDC says you can vote in person. The CDC also allows people who’d gotten exposed to the virus to vote in person. However, before you go to your polling place, wear a mask. Stay at least 6 feet away from other people. Finally, wash your hands before and after voting. You should also tell poll workers about your condition once you arrive. 

Wait Outdoors

CNN says you should wait outdoors. Standing outdoors allows the air to disperse the virus. So, try to pick a polling location that doesn’t let voters stay a lot indoors. According to the report, you should choose places with good ventilation. These places include school gyms, rec centers, convention cents, and parking lots. 

Don’t Join the Voting Rush

You may see fewer lines around midmorning or mid-afternoon. You could also try voting in the early afternoon. Before going to your polling place, try to scout the location first. Moreover, you can check with your local friends on Facebook. They would keep you updated on crowds during different times of the day. 

Pick Masks Carefully

Don’t wear any old mask to the polling place. Hold your mask to the light and check if you can see through it. If you can, don’t wear it. Studies have found that cotton masks with two or three fabric layers are more effective than the usual single-ply masks. Moreover, never use bandanas or gaiter masks. 

Remember, your mask should also cover your nose, not just your mouth.

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