Canada-US Border to Remain Closed with Fourth Extension of Travel Ban

The border between US and Canada is announced to remain restricted from non-essential travelers for another 30 days, as publicized on Thursday. This confirmed previous reports that suspect such will occur amidst the increasing cases of Americans infected by the coronavirus. Decision came as the US is still facing a rise in the number of positive cases.

Travel ban for 30 days more

During a press conference, prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau revealed that both countries are on the same page to further prolong the travel ban on their shared border up until August 21. He also shared that, “we’re going to keep working closely with our American neighbors to keep people safe on both sides of the border. News regarding this extension were reported prior the announcement.

On a related note, border on the south of the US was also announced shut, refraining transport between US and Mexico.

Safety measures

The decision was also relayed to the public over Twitter by United States’ acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chad Wolf, writing: “Based on the success of the existing restrictions and close collaborations with Mexico and Canada, [the DHS] will continue to limit non-essential travel at our land ports of entry with Canada and Mexico.”

The Canadian prime minister also noted how the US remains to struggle with the outbreak. “We are going to continue to keep Canadians safe and to keep our economy flowing,” Trudeau said.

Wolf also remarked: “Close collaboration with our neighbors has allowed us to respond to [Covid-19] in a North American approach and slow the travel-related spread of the virus.”

Essential travel

However, essential travel such as trade are still allowed to cross the US-Canada border. It was indicated in several news reports that those exempted from the restrictions include businesses that are for work, study, and humanitarian. Also allowed are those who are to visit immediate family. 

This is the fourth extension of the ban which was first imposed on March when the pandemic was starting to take shape in different parts of the world.

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