Canada beefs up Coronavirus Immunization Efforts

A Canadian official said the country is having deals with multiple potential vaccine suppliers

Canada has inked separate deals with American pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna, per an official Wednesday. This agreement will provide supply of millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccines currently being developed. The delivery of the supplies is expected for 2021.

Multiple deals for Immunization

According to Procurement Minister Aninta Anand, the country is “intensely negotiating” with different potential suppliers of COVID-19 vaccines with local and international companies. However, she did not elaborate on the number of supplies or amount of agreements, as deals with some suppliers are still on-going. But Anand said the purpose of obtaining supply sources is to ensure “Canadians are at the front of the line when a vaccine becomes available.”


At the moment, there no approved vaccine for the novel coronavirus yet, but many companies from all over the world are racing to develop an effective one. Pfizer and Moderna are among the major companies that are fast-tracking development of vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Pfizer has four experimental vaccines being tested while Moderna is already on Phase 3 trial.

Canadian official Anand also acknowledged that “any potential vaccine will take time to deveop, properly test, mass manufacture, and properly distribute.”

Pfizer is also teaming up with German biotech company BioNTech to supply vaccines to Canadians. President of Pfizer Canada stated: “We continue to be committed to partnering with the Canadian government to help fight this pandemic.”

With emphasis on the necessity of having multiple deals with potential suppliers, Anand added: “We are increasingly focused on the next stage of our recovery, including preparing Canada for mass vaccinations. Today, we are taking an important step forward.”

Immunization efforts

Innovation Minister, Navdeep Bains, also stated: “The government is committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadians. That’s why we are working hard on all possible fronts to deliver safe and effective treatments and vaccines against COVID-19 for Canadians as fast as possible.”

The procurement minister noted that all potential COVID-19 vaccines should still be approved by the Health Canada before distribution in the country.

“We all want a silver bullet but unfortunately that’s not the case,” Anand said. She also remakred that there are other steps needed to be taken, like increasing protective equipment supply and investing on medicines that will ease the symptoms of those infected.

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