Boris Johnson is still encouraging to get Brexit done

After leaving the European Union in January, Britain is currently undergoing a transition period. This will continue until the end of the year.

Issues in relation to trade, security, travel, and financial matter still remain. The argument between the two sides also yet to go away.

The current pandemic, economic meltdown, and travel bans don’t stop Britain to argue with the European Union about Brexit.

Britain is still struggling considering the country shows the third-highest coronavirus death. Not to mention the Prime Minister also moved to intensive care because his coronavirus symptoms get worse. This condition has distracted Brexit discussion for a while.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Pay Close Attention to Get Brexit Done

Despite all that happened, Prime Minister still give Brexit his ultimate attention. This may not be a surprise since Johnson’s political career is built on delivering the idea.

So even though the citizen is more concerned about the economic crisis Johnson chooses to continue with Brexit matters.

Johnson held his first meeting with European Commission and Parliament this Monday. After the talk via videoconference, Johson happily said an offer could be extended by July with a little oomph.

But European Leaders didn’t express the same excitement. They demand Britain guarantee a “level playing field.”. Otherwise, there will be no deal between the two sides.

European expect Britain to have the same environmental, health, and labor laws. If Britain has different or more flexible laws, then it will give them more advantages in trade. Of course, European wouldn’t want that to happen.

Charles Michael, the president of the European Council, posted a tweet after a meeting with Johnson. He implies that he is ready to make a deal. But he wants the deal to be clear for both parties.

Like the rest of the world, Europe is currently facing a health crisis. Even worse than that, the Union is also in recession.

Many businesses in Britain expect the government to make a deal with Europe soon. Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the Confederation for Business Industry expresses her concern in a tweet. She said that businesses rely on the deal to survive

However, many Britons don’t seem to agree with her. They don’t find any use in rushing. Instead, they wish the U.K. will work together with E.U on the virus.

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