Berlin Author Wins Literary Award 

Gabriela Charatsari is a bestselling author based in Berlin, Germany. She has been writing books for children around the world for the past few years. You’ve probably heard of her eleventh book, Adrian and the Washing Machine, a touching story of adventure, time travel, kindness, and gratitude.

The author recently published her latest book in June 2021 – Buzz the Brave. Buzz the Brave is the story of a young Bee, nicknamed Wanna-Bee by his fellow bees because of his unusual appearance. Through a tale of diversity and acceptance, Gabriela Charatsari crafts a beautifully written book for children to learn about how great it is to be different. It’s a hit with the many parents that aim to teach their children about acceptance.

The book teaches that there’s great power in diversity. It has sold many copies around the world, enjoyed by many parents and kids alike.

In fact, the book went on to receive a gold medal Literary Titan award, celebrating its “unique writing style, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas” as well as the author’s “hard work, dedication, and imagination”.

The bestselling book Buzz the Brave by Gabriela Charatsari is available for purchase online via Amazon or in retail stores around the world such as Barnes and Noble. It is also available in German, for children based in the author’s home city, Berlin.

Phillip Malone

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