Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr on his 80th birthday still campaigning for peace and love, particularly for BLM

Former Beatles member and singer Sir Ringo Starr hosted Tuesday an online celebration of his 80th birthday that can be streamed by fans, while giving full support to important causes like the Black Lives Matter movement.

Every year, Sir Ringo typically spends his birthday holding events just outside of Capitol Records in Hollywood, California while advocating for his signature “peace and love.” In one of his interviews, the Beatles’ drummer expressed his love for “gathering with fans for peace and love on my birthday.” However, with the coronavirus still on the loose, the online setup was still a perfect option for fans, as the celebrant prioritizes the safety of everyone. On his livestream, he remarked, “I’m fond of a good birthday party, but this is a bad year to host a get-together of any kind.”

The virtual event “Ringo’s Big Birthday Show,” which went live on his YouTube channel, aimed to raise money that will be donated to four different charities namely: Black Lives Matter Global Network, the David Lynch Foundation, MusiCares, and WaterAid.

As also reported in The Telegraph, Sir Ringo revealed that black artists actually had influenced the Beatles. He also encouraged people to be vocal about the racial inequalities, particularly citing the Black Lives Matter movement. According to him, “There’s no greater act any of us can make than too stand up and be counted when you see injustice. I don’t have to tell you that the Beatle’s early success had a lot to do with the influence we found in American artists.” He then reflected on how the band appreciated the creative work of black performers like Ray Charles, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Though fans rejoiced to the digital celebration of the British singer and composer, they were disappointed that another surviving Beatles Paul McCartney failed to show up. However, a performance by the two from last year was shown, in addition to some mix of archive concert clips and recordings of well-loved Beatles songs such as “With a Little Help From My Friends” and “All You Need is Love.”

Just a day before his birthday, astronauts from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) who are currently located hundreds of miles above the Earth greeted the English musician straight from the International Space Station. Their message was delivered through a Facebook video they posted on Monday, which they explained in the post that the time was equivalent to July 7 from their space laboratory in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), expressing that it is “a perfect date to send #PeaceAndLove to everyone across the universe.” Meanwhile from another point in outer space, the Curiosity Rover of NASA sent a picture on Twitter of a “view of Earth (and Venus) from the surface of Mars” as a birthday greeting to Starr. 

The grateful songwriter appreciated their messages as he posted his reply through a tweet, “Wow, this is a first peace and love from outer space, I sent you right back peace and love. Thank you.”

On his Twitter account, Starr can’t help but be grateful as well to his fans joining in at his online birthday bash, as well as thanking those “who sent me little movies of themselves and cards and gifts and everything peace and love.”

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