Avoid High Blood Pressure With These 7 Steps

Getting old also means a higher risk of catching lifestyle diseases. So, staying healthy while aging means adopting a healthier lifestyle. As you age, you’re likely to get high blood pressure. Keep your blood pressure under 120/80 to avoid hypertension. 

High Blood Pressure and COVID-19

CNN reports that the CDC warned that people with high blood pressure are more likely to suffer a more severe form of COVID-19. But don’t worry, the CDC study also said that you could control your blood pressure. Following just one of these heart-healthy behaviors could cut your high blood risk by 6%. 

The Seven Heart-Healthy Behaviors

For nine years, the CDC studied about 3,000 middle-aged American adults without high blood pressure. At the end of the study, the experts found that following the seven healthy behaviors reduced their risk by 6%.

Check out these heart-healthy behaviors to keep your heart safe:

  •     Your required BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.9
  •     Your needed weekly exercise should be 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of hard activity
  •     Replace salt, fat, and sugar with fruits and vegetables
  •     Quit smoking
  •     Your blood pressure should run below 120/80 or 130/80
  •     Keep your blood sugar levels at 100mg/dL or below
  •     Keep an LDL count of 190 mg/dL

How Do These Steps Help Prevent High Blood Pressure?

If you succeed in any of the above steps, you’ll lower your risk of hypertension. The more steps you complete, the lower your risk becomes. These steps are also great for people who may find it hard to do one step, like quitting smoking. They can start with the step that they feel they could do. 

Measure your high blood risk through the tool here.

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