Atlanta Falcons to Employ Drones in Sanitizing Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Drones will disinfect the arena at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the first professional sports venue to have such. The stadium worked with Lucid Drone Technologies for this effort. Particularly, the cleaning procedure will take advantage of D1 disinfecting drones. 

Drone Disinfectants

After every event, the stadium will employ the drones to sanitize the seating bowl, handrails, and glass partitions. Actually, the technology can help minimize the time spent on cleaning the seats by 95 percent. Also, they can send their staff to work on other areas of the venue.

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz stadium becomes the first professional sports stadium to implement the technology in cleaning efforts. The drones release medical-grade disinfecting chemicals evenly through the electrostatic spraying nozzles. On top of that, the cleaning chemicals will include an inhibitor to prevent bacteria and viruses from leaving behind some residue.

Welcoming Fans Back

In the press release, they said to have tested the technology as a part of the sanitation process. Mercedes-Benz Stadium will implement the drones as it welcomes fans back for an October 11 match between the home team Falcons and the Caroline Panthers.

However, CNN Business notes that there is currently no specific number of guests that can watch the games live. However, a limited capacity would take effect. Previously, the Falcons invited 500 friends and family members for a home game vs. Chicago Bears, keeping away fans from seeing the two home games in person.

Sanitizing a Large Stadium

Per the building operations manager, Jackie Poulakos, the drones can help them maximize the time. With the technology, they can sanitize the “incredibly large” stadium in between events. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium serves as the home to the Atlanta Falcons. Poulakos added that the drone technology serves as the “ideal solution to effectively disinfect and sanitize our stadium in an efficient manner.”

According to the COO of AMB Sports and Entertainment, Dietmar Exler, they place their priority on “proper cleaning and sanitation protocols” during this health crisis. “We have worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment for not only our associates, players, and staff, but especially our fans.”

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