Amazon Still Sold Doping Drugs Despite Crackdown Promise

After a major report, Amazon is now removing all peptide listings. While peptides are natural, people are using synthetic versions for doping.  

Synthetic Peptides

The Markup revealed 66 doping drugs on Amazon. When injected, synthetic peptides speed up sports injury recovery. This function makes them performance-enhancing drugs.  

Doping Drugs on Amazon

Moreover, Markup said that Amazon’s peptides were not on the FDA’s list of approved drugs. In May, Amazon had said that they were cracking down on these doping drugs. The World Anti-Doping Agency had labeled synthetic peptides as doping drugs.

The drugs came under the label of “research” or “lab” drugs. However, people suggested that they were taking these drugs.

An Amazon rep told The Verge that they listed these drugs because they had labels of “for lab/research use” only. They would not have listed these drugs if they knew people took them. After the report, Amazon decided to remove the drugs from their site. 

Amazon’s Response

Amazon added that third-party sellers should follow all laws and Amazon rules. They should also give accurate information. Moreover, Amazon said it doesn’t allow product abuse. 

Another Wall Street Journal report said that Amazon had listed banned or mislabeled third-party products. The US government had also declared some products to be unsafe. 

Phillip Malone

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