A study says that we are not alone in this universe…

On Monday, published new research focuses on giving answers to some old questions. The study evaluates that there might be around thirty intelligent civilizations all around our galaxy. Milky way.

An astrophysicist from the Nottingham university co-authored the study is reported to have said that there must be several active civilizations in a milky way undergoing the supposition that 5-billion years are grasped by intelligent life forms to establish on another planet.

As a reference, it is estimated that there are 250 billion stars in Milky Way and approximately a planet per star.

The lead author of the research, Tom Westby from Nottingham University says that the long-established way of estimating the number of intelligent civilizations depends upon guessing values related to life, through which beliefs regarding such matters differ quite considerably.

Westby said that their new research clarifies these suppositions using recent data. He also says that the data gives them a solid estimation of how many civilizations are present in Milky Way.

Averagely, the intelligent civilizations are about 17000 light-years far away from the planet earth, making speaking with them and finding them impossible as we can’t do so because of the advancement of today’s technology. A light-year consists of approximately six trillion miles!

The new study suggests that searching for unknown intelligent civilizations does not only reveal how life is formed but it also tells us how long our civilization will end.

The research says that the amount of civilizations is found by checking how far away those civilizations are sending out the signals of their presence in space, like emission of radio waves from television and satellites.

If the other civilizations have a life as long as our civilization that is about a hundred years old, it is estimated that there would be as much as thirty-six intelligent civilizations inside our galaxy Milky Way.

Carol Mowatt

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