A scientist makes her Covid-19 patients count for Florida

A scientist from Florida was removed from the job after she was overseeing the state’s Covid-19 database.

So, she made her Covid-19 dashboard. And she says that the state is not prepared to open again.

In May, Dr. Rebecca Jones was removed from the job by Florida’s health department.

She told that she got sidelined right after she did not agree to operate data concerning the seriousness of coronavirus cases, which might have banned the plan of the state to open their economy again.

For Jones Covid-19 database named Florida’s Community Coronavirus Dashboard, only a single of sixty-seven shires meet state gauge for relieving social restrictions.

The dashboard of Jone also presents shows more Covid-19 cases than the Florida DoH website does, with eighty-three thousand, seven hundred and twenty positive Covid-19 cases and three thousand and twenty-two deaths.

In comparison to the Florida DoH website that shows seventy-five thousand, five hundred and sixty-eight cases and two thousand nine hundred and thirty-one deaths.

The huge difference comes because the method of counting the cases is different from each other as the DoH website does not only give positive cases, it gives the number of all the cases.

On the weekend, there were record amounts of COVID-19 cases in Florida.

Last Sunday, there were above two thousand cases from consecutive 2 days.

Since the horrific pandemic started to make havoc around the world, Florida went through an experience of having the greatest average of Covid-19 cases for the seventh day.

The database of Jones says freedom shire, in the state’s north-west, meets criteria to open again. Many other shires don’t.

The advocate of the governor of Florida says denied to the accusation that Jones got fired because she did not agree to operate the Covid-19 data.

The health department of Florida said that she had revealed a persistent course of disobedience.

Some researchers at Johns Hopkins University recorded approximately 2.1 million Covid-19 cases and one hundred fifteen thousand, six hundred, and ninety-seven deaths in America.

The real toll of death is considered to be much more than recorded.

The Coronavirus cases are increasing fast in Arizona and Florida whereas the hospitalizations in Texas from Covid-19 are forty-two percent up from the twenty-fifth of May.

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