A 19-year old protester from Florida named Oluwatoyin Salau was founded dead

A nineteen-year-old girl named Oluwatoyin Salau who was begging for justice for the wake of the lost black lives has been found dead. Her death was confirmed by her family and the police on Monday.

Her family reported the Tallahassee Democrat that she went missing a week before Saturday night when she was found dead. Salau was one of two victims found dead in Tallahassee. The other one was Victoria Sims.

The last time Danaya Hemphill met Salau on a protest on Friday afternoon. The next day, she went missing. After knowing that Salau was missing, Hemphill was stressed and felt uneasy that she would not be found alive.

At each protest, Salau called out the names of the Black people who lost their lives as she said that she didn’t want their names to go in vain. Hemphill never thought that her friend would also be killed like other black people as she thought Salau was a passionate, loving, and caring person.

Though she disappeared on the sixth of June, the footage shows that she went to an ice-cream shop on the tenth of June which is reported to be that last day she was perceived alive.

Before she went missing, Salau tweeted that she was molested by a man who disguised as a man of god and was taking her to church so she could seek refuge. She also called police after the assault. Many people asked her on twitter if she was OK or if she wanted help but she never replied.

Not only once, but Salau was also molested several days before going missing. Her friends met her in the church she was staying in. she went with her friend Ashley the church where she talked to a lawyer. She didn’t stop crying.

With the assistance of police, Salau and her friends went to the house she escaped from to get her belongings. She escaped from there as she suffered sex trafficking many times in that house, her friends say.

A sobbing and disoriented Salau scattered into the house and got her belongings. Ashley said that the cops could have gotten and investigated the DNA. She said that was the place they bombed her. She could in any case be alive.

The police officer told Ashley that they needed to collect more evidence and investigation on the assault.

Salau slept with Hemphill on that night.

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